Amos & Josh

Amos & Josh

I met with Amos and Josh at Lifepool Church in Donholm. It was the very same church where the duo first met, rehearsed, and performed together 8 years ago. It contained a long hall, a semi-circular stage, and had walls of mabati and curtains draped from under the roof – perfect for worship and for music.

It’s been a long and winding journey since they first burst into the limelight with Tusker Project Fame. Monster crossover hits like Baadaye ft. King Kaka (3.5 million views on Youtube) are among the r&b classics residing on every Kenyan playlist. Forays into the pop world led to collaborations like Kupe ft. Ben Pol & Mohammed Amin. They started off as a duo but eventually went their separate ways as solo artists. Joshua recalls, “ We may have found fame but we also lost ourselves.”

But here they are today. Born again, together again, and with a renewed sense of purpose to make music that inspires and heals. 

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